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Rock Climbing Accidents – Climbing Accidents News

We all know climbing is dangerous which makes it no surprise that rock climbing accidents do happen.

Although climbing accidents are inevitable it is always a sad tiupme when we find out about a climber being injured or even killed.

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Todd Skinner dies on Leaning Tower

John Bachar Accident

Since we know that rock climbing is extremely dangerous we must take every action we can to protect ourselves while we climb. The most important thing is every climber needs to understand that they are responsible for their safety and their climbing partners safety.

So what causes most rock climbing accidents?

Typically climbing accidents can be attributed to one of these few things:

Overconfidence You’ve been climbing with more experienced climbers than yourself and you think you know more than you really do. So when you go out on real rock you overestimate your knowledge and ability.

Carelessness When you just start climbing you are very detail oriented you always are double checking everything you do. You check your knot several times, making sure your belayer is setup properly, your harness is double backed, etc. Once you start gaining more experience people start to get careless with these things and that is when accidents happen.

Luck Bad luck that is, you know sometimes you just get caught in a bad storm, a hold breaks, or you get hit by falling rock or someone’s gear.

These risks can be minimized, but are typically out of your control. To minimize them be sure to plan ahead, know the weather reports, wear helmets, and do not climb below another party.

So what is there to learn from this?

Take your safety into your own hands and please don’t be a careless climber.

Have fun and climb safe.

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