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Rock Climbing Articles

The rock-climbing-for-life articles below have been written for you by fellow climbers. These climbers are friends of ours who love to rock climb and want to make a positive difference in the climbing community.

Our hope is that you will benefit from their experience as well as their fun and entertaining writing personalites.

We will continue to add additional material to this list, so please return to check for new articles frequently.

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Rock-Cimbing-For-Life Articles List

Training Specific Articles

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How to Improve Your Footwork and See Huge Improvement in Your Climbing

1. Power of Visualization
Every great athlete whether it be a swimmer, runner, football player or rock climber knows how powerful visualization can be.

Visualization is not just seeing the moves in your head, it is so much more.

Did you know that whether you visualize yourself climbing a route or climbing all the same muscles will be used?

Your mind cannot distinguish between you visualizing it or actually doing it.... Read Article

Climbing Articles

2. Placation Intensification Article

Breathe in. Iím in my own little world at the moment where stress is losing an overwhelmingly lopsided battle to relaxation. The lines on the wall in front of me are no longer part of the wall. Instead, they are an infinite array of horizontals, verticals and diagonals that spilt the world around me. When my eyes relax, and I stop trying to focus on every little detail and truly let go, I notice that everything really is endless. Exhale.

During this moment of relaxation, I have successfully managed to drain out all possible interferences. Even my yoga instructorís voice becomes an inaudible murmur as my breathing presides as the only sound Iím focusing on. Conscious yet natural are my efforts to breathe in through the nostrils and exhale, using my stomach to push any extra air out from the pit of my lungs.... Read Article

3. A Summer Climbing Digression: Or the Words of A Man With Nothing Better to Do

Ok, so itís that time of year again where the weather is ridiculously too hot for slappiní around on some fine sandstone and granite. And if youíre anything like me and need a pound of chalk for re-chalking between attempts, then itís time to hit the indoor gyms.

But fret not my sloper obsessed friends, for this is the quintessential time and place for you to master those skills which will come in handy when you want to show up your pals when the fall rolls around... Read Article

Climbing Related Articles

4. Climbing Related Access and Environmental Issues

Unless they are strictly gym rats, most climbers realize the connection they have with their environment. As climbers, we utilize nature for our recreation and must do our part to help preserve it for future generations. Our access to many climbing areas depends on our treatment of those areas, so itís important to understand what we should be doing to ensure these areas stay open... Read Article

5. Why Do You Climb - A Weekend of Understanding

So I spent this past weekend at HP 40 with some close friends of mine. It was during this weekend that I was reminded of something really important. Every climber has there reasons for why they climb. I thought I knew what my reasons were, but how little did I know what they had changed into.

To me rock climbing is just perfect, being able to spend time with your friends, experience the beauty of what nature has to offer, challenging yourself on new routes and problems, and that utter joy of feeling good when you send those routes or progress on a project... Read Article

6. Leave No Trace

If you were ever a Girl Scout or Boy Scout as a kid, you learned about ďleave no traceĒ at a very young age. You may have also learned about it if your family were avid campers.

There are seven keys to leaving no trace so that the natural outdoors remains natural. Most rock climbers are very avid about preserving the purity of outdoors and their climbing grounds.... Read article

7. Sports Massage

Itís the day after you climbed a huge crag and your muscles are not very happy about it. A great way to relieve your aches and pains is to have a session with your local sport massage therapist.

Sports massage is a special form of massage and can be used before and after you go climbing. This is an excellent way to help in fatigue, relieve swelling, reduce muscle tension and to prevent injuries.

Sports massage also helps to promote flexibility, which is great for rock climbers... Read article

8. Top 10 Things to Bring on Your Climbing Trip

Top 10 Things to Bring on your Climbing and Camping Tripby Ryan Coisson

A wrote a this as a blog entry last month and had such a good response I decided to make it a permanent article on Rock Climbing For Life.

I decided to create this little list because I have been on too many trips where people have forgotten some very essential things. Read Article

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