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To be totally honest I just I just love watching rock climbing dvds. Every time I watch a climbing film I get so pumped up. Little old me struggling on some V6 or 7 is nothing in comparison to what these folks are doing.

Let’s just say our egos certainly can be deflated when we see how strong these guys and gals are. This can be one small downside, but the upside is much larger to what they can do for us.

A great climbing dvd can inspire us, open our eyes to what is possible, motivate us to train harder, teach us new techniques, and more. You see in my opinion these movies are a lot more than just people sending hard crap all over the world. This is one of our chances at taking a peak into the minds of some of today’s best climbers.

It is so interesting for me to learn and understand why these folks climb, what the love about climbing and that we are not that much different from them. Ok maybe the climb for a living and they can send some really hard stuff.

Below I have added some of my favorite climbing films and my reviews of them. I am going to be reviewing more and more films as time goes on and will keep you posted as to my favorites.

So be sure to check back often.

First Ascent DVD Review

Dosage 3 DVD Review

Dosage 4 DVD Review

Specimen DVD Review

Australia Project DVD Review

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