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Last Month’s Photo of the Month

Nate Allen throwing down in Colorado.

June’s Photo of the Month

Happy Ending 5.10a at The Bowling Alley up Boulder Canyon, taken by Scott Portue.

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Kristen enjoying Moose Drool 5.11a
Silvertip Canyon is located just outside of Revelstoke BC. It is a narrow canyon with a creek running through it, so it is a perfect escape on hot, sunny …

Levi Workin’ up Amarillo Sunset
This huge, pockety 5.11b was found in the Red River Gorge, KY. It got 5 stars from climber and spectators.

chandra agusta bouldering at pasar bubrah, indonesia
if you visit Indonesia…in yogyakarta province…just try it

Amber on The Sickle
Amber on The Sickle- V3. Squamish, BC, Canada with the Chief in the background!

Warm up DYNO.
This is at a gym in Pensacola, FL. Living in South Alabama is not exactly ideal for climbing. This is where I get most of my climbing in outside of school….

Jorge Rivas in Venezuela
I spent a month this spring traveling around Venezuela, climbing. We climbed with the locals of Caracas, did some deep water soloing, climbed giant tufas …

Trango Nameless Tower Close-Up
Taken during the month of August 2007 while trekking Baltoro Glacier, Karakoram range, Baltistan, Norther Areas of Pakistan. The peak is 6239m.

Finding the Next Move
This was taken at El Rito in New Mexico not far from Taos. This climb was one of Casey Eales projects for the trip even though it wasn’t in the guide …

rock climbing boy
six-year-old son climbs a rock face in Indian Cove, Joshua Tree. D60, 280mm, 1/320s @ F6.3.

veronica mayor climbing Mount Everest
This is Veronica Mayerfrom India Climbing on Monunt Everest.

Climbing in red rock silhouette
Climbing during the red rock climbing festival.

The End of A Perfect Day at the Crags!
5 year old girl, Michaela, rests after jumping off her rope at Crawdad Canyon, St. George, Utah.

Andy Miers staying cool and collected on “Paradise Lost” 5.13b Red River Gorge, KY
Rock climbing photo of Andy Miers on Paradise Lost 5.13b. Resting off route, I took some time to photograph a childhood friend giving the route a good …

High and dry
This is actually one of my very first ascent. It takes the sit down start of an other problem and follow a big sloping rail. When you do the stand start …

Me Sending A Week With Pete
I was on a climbing camp trip in Rumney, New Hampshire and this was my first outdoor lead. it was only a 5.2 but it was really amazing.

Beautiful day on Mount Yonah
60% chance of rain that day turned into beautiful blue skies and a great breeze.Hit a few great sport routes on Mt Yonah, Helen, Ga.

G.I joe does Barbie 5.9+ sketchy
This climb is up the Big Thompson Canyon, at combat rock, don’t know where they got the name but this climb is the hardest 5.9 I’ve ever done, but who’…

Climbing to Beat the Storm – Patagonia
This photo was taken on a hand-traverse, 2/3 of the way up the Commensana-Fonrouge route on Aguja Guillamet in Patagonia. We had been climbing in and out …

Ravi on plus of Irshalgad Climb
We have climb this on New Year celebration. We put the bolt for this route on 1st ledge.

Suhas Joshi

pasar bubrah too

Beard Man in the Gnar
We were guiding a college group in the Red River Gorge Kentucky, when we found this sick V3 boulder playground around the corner. So after we set the lead …

What goes up must come down…
I climbed back to the top of the cliff that almost took my life
Fell 50-55 ft

First Outdoor Climb
Tyler’s (Tyler is 5 years old) first outdoor climb located at Pothole Dome in Yosemite. The climb was led by his cousin Tiffany. Tiffany is an experienced …

Nice Line on a Forgotten Boulder
Well i live in Huntsville, AL and as much as i love going to Horsepens 40 i dont always have the time to get there. So i went exploring at a park called …

Dimond Rio Jr.
This was an awesome line in the Big Thompson Canyon, This is Scott Matz on the First ascent (onsight)after he fell into the river before the start. 5.9 …

Climbing on Spanish rock
The rock mountain is situated in Spain and it is quite difficult to reach pick on this rock mountains.

Jennifer Chang climbing the Dinosaur Rock
This is a rock climbing photo of Jennifer Chang climbing a dinosaur rock.It’s an awesome scene and very interesting to do such a task.It’s a Cool shot….

great climbing
this is Owens river gorge,california..

Owens River Gorge is a steep 10 mi (16 km) canyon on the upper Owens River in eastern California in the United …

Gornabanja climbling in the corner
Gornabanja climbing in a quarry in Scotland on an afternoon during the end of November 2008. Got to love climbing in dihedrals.

Having fun climbing the rock!
rock climbing at a party! Lights blew out above me….

hot ride in the rock
its not a joke dont try to climb

Reach for the Heavens
Lee Atkinson: Reaching the heaven
This picture was taken Monday, February 2, 2009 at the Mindanao, Philippines.

Stacey rippin up Heinous Cling
This climbing photo was taken at Smith Rock State Park in Oregon! It was the first time I’d anchored myself at the top of another climb to get a great …

What’s with the name CAMP anyway? Is there something symbolic behind the name? There is, but we’d love to hear your take on it. The name CAMP is an acronym….

Another mellow day at Chironico
This is a rock climbing photo of Chris Sharma climbing in Chironica, Switzerland.

Rock climbing trip
Some intense rock climbing at Suicide Rock!!

Potrero Chico Mexico
This amazing photo was taken by Adam Matharne during our last day climbing the limestone spires in Mexico. The contrast between the light and dark is awesome….

Climbing in Spain
On a backpacking/climbing trip through Europe my friends and myself encountered some of the most beautiful country around. This shot is climbing right …

Walking on Water
I took this photo while deep water soloing off of Tonsai beach in the Krabi Province of Southern Thailand in December of 2006. I didn’t have a string …

shallow water soloing the colorado
last summer me and my good friend AJ took a trip down the colorado river threw cataract canyon.(it wasnt the green like he said in his blog) we looked …

Beating the Shade in J-Tree
It was late in the day and I decided to jump on a 5.10d slab in Joshua Tree. As I climbed, I was hunted by the shade…

ty climbing over the green
In mid July my good friend tyrel and I took a week long trip down the Green river for some rapids and new ascents. Along the way we stopped at a problem …

Hallet’s Peak
It was a snowy December day in the Park, figured we stay out of avalaunche danger and cruise this M2 chimney we called The Dragon Slayer.

Brad on the Panty Wall, Las Vegas, NV
I bought a new lens and wanted to see how it worked in rock climbing photography. I like the results, but I think next time I’ll use a little deeper DoF….

Super Mario Bros
Matt Horton working Super Mario Bros, LRC, Chattanooga

Rachel’s Thanksgiving Day Climb
Some friends and I went to Red River Gorge for Thanksgiving this year. Thanksgiving Day we hit up the Left Flank Wall. Rachel decided to top rope Brother …

Top Roping in Serbia
Small rock in the city, Belgrade, Serbia and me on it. Perfect for every day climbing and good for practice.

dyno on the brain
Myself and a few other Marines went climbing in pirates cove at Corona Del Mar. It was definitely a worth while climb! In the picture I pulled a 4-5 foot …

Last week on my way to my Physics class at the community college I attend I was informed by a class mate of mine that class had been canceled. Immediately …

My buddy Ninja and I went up to our local free climbing/ bouldering areas on his day off of class. This is the result.

The send…. Walker. Cort d’Azure. Rumney. Waimea.
Walker has been living full time here in Rumney and climbing full time for about a month and a half. Normally bouldering, he decided to take that to …

“Left -of -7″ 5.9+ fav.
My partner Niccum and I have been climbing the big Thompson Canyon for 8 years, and “Left of 7″ is our favorite climb. It’s classical laid back finger …

Phildo on Extra Lean, Indian Creek
After driving 26 hours straight from Chicago, a crazy amalgamation of climbers of various abilities and stages of life arrived at Indian Creek, Utah, set …

Corey free climbing The Cave
My husband, Corey, and I frequent exit 38 in WA. We were just scopin out new places around there to climb.

Arkansas has Climbing?
Sick!!! This is a favorite of the local spots in northwest Arkansas, This cave is the Ice Box. Any questions.

Roof top out
It was montagne d’argent, Quebec by a sunny day leading my first trad route a little 5.9.

yukon canada
july 2007 climbing the macgee crags north west of white horse yukon