Rock Climbing Shoes for Beginners

Rock Climbing Shoes for Beginners – Top Climbing Shoes Rated

How to find the right rock climbing shoes for beginners.

Beginning climbers need a shoe that is comfortable and a shoe that will give them the extra support they need. The support part is important, you see when a climber just starts climbing there is going to be a lot of stress on the arches of their feet. While the muscles in your feet develop it is important to have a shoe that will support your foot that is why a velcro or lace up shoe is the best choice for you.

The climbing shoe should still needs to feel skin tight, but not painfully tight.

Slippers are definitely not the best choice for beginners. They are usually a more aggressive shoe and do not have the support in the foot that a beginner needs.

Finding the right size.

Most of the time it’s best to go down about 1/2 – 1 size from your street shoes. This can vary depending on the brand. Some companies like Evolv, already take that into consideration. Our suggestion is to try the shoes on at your local retailer or gym before you order them online. If this is not possible for the shoe sizing guide online and if possible or 2 different sizes of the shoes and return the shoes that don’t fit. (please review the companies return policy before you purchase your shoes)

What do we recommend?

For your first shoe we recommend either Mad Rock climbing shoes or Evolv climbing shoes. Both of these companies sell shoes that are moderately priced and are of are good quality.

Mad Rock Flash

mad rock flash climbing shoe, mad rock flash, flash climbing shoe

This is one of my favorite rock climbing shoes for beginners. It is truly has the benefits of being an all around shoe that is both comfortable and sensitive. Which means that it will be good for long climbing sessions in the gym, very common for new climbers. The Mad Rock Flash is sensitive enough to climb on small holds and technical enough for the brave new climbers who would like to try their luck in a bouldering competition.

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Evolv Defy Climbing Shoe

evolv defy, defy climbing shoe, evolv defy rock climbing shoe

The DEFY is one of Evolvs most popular shoes. It combines the benefit of a comfortable multi-purpose shoe and the convenience of a hook-and-loop fastener performance shoe. With the feel of a sensitive slipper while being comfortable enough to wear on long multi-pitch routes or gym marathon-training sessions. These qualities make it a great rock climbing shoe for beginners.

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La Sportiva Kumo Climbing Shoe

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