Rock Climbing Shoes

What kind of rock climbing shoes should you get?

That’s a really important question.

To start we are going to give you some tips and suggestions on how to choose the right shoes for you whether you are a boulderer, sport climber, gym rat, brand new climber, or just a crack maniac.

Then we will tell you about some of our favorites climbing shoes.

Sound Fair?


Well what is the most important thing in choosing climbing shoes?

You need to find the right rock climbing shoes for you and for the style of climbing you want to do.

What do we mean by that?

There are a lot of shoes out there varying in size, style, model, and certainly price.

When you are hunting for the right rock climbing shoes, the most important things are to make sure the shoe fits to your foot well and to get the correct shoe for the type of climbing you will be doing.

Rock Climbing Shoes for Beginners

Women’s Climbing Shoes

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Sport Climbing Shoes

Bouldering Shoes

All Around Shoes

A Note about buying rock climbing shoes online

A lot of people these days like to buy their shoes online because it can be easier to find the shoes your looking for. A lot of times your local retailer or gym only carries certain shoes and would have to order your shoes anyways. Plus sometimes you can get a better deal by buying them online.

Let me just start out by saying that there is nothing wrong with buying your shoes online in fact I actually prefer buying my gear online. However, you can run into some problems with getting shoes that fit your foot well because you are unable to try your shoes on.

So what do we do?

First things first if you can try on several pairs of shoes at your local climbing gym, retailer, shoe demo at a comp or a friend’s pair. This will help you figure out what shoe size is going to work best for that particular shoe.

If you cannot do this I recommend that if you are able to order 2 pairs of shoes do it and simply return the one that does not fit. (Please check the companies return policy before doing this)

Sizing your Shoes

When it comes to sizing we need to first ask ourself if we want to use it as a comfortable all-day shoe, a tight performance shoe, or snug fitting all-around shoe and then size them appropriately to our needs.

That being said here are some tips about sizing the following shoes.


evolv agro climbing shoe, evolv agro, agro climbing shoe

Evolv shoes are synthetic which means that these bad boys are not really going to stretch out and if they do it will be very minimal.

Also take note that Evolv already sizes their shoes down to your street shoe size. So technically you can just buy your street shoe size and you will have a tight fit. This sometimes varies due to what type of shoe you buy but is a good rule of thumb.

I wear a 10-10.5 street shoe and I need a 9.5 in the Evolv Predator Shoe (aggressive down turn).

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