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It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but climbing videos can leave you speechless.

Capturing that perfect route or boulder problem, seeing someone do that unbelievable move, or sticking that huge dyno.

Rock Climbing For Life has assembled some great videos for you to enjoy. Here is a list of rock climbing videos sorted by climbing style and climber.

Bouldering Videos

Daniel Woods

Jason Kehl

Sonnie Trotter

Chris Sharma

Dave Graham

Joshua Tree

Hueco Tanks Bouldering Videos

Horse Pens 40 Bouldering Videos

Bouldering Videos

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Sport Climbing Videos

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Free Soloing Videos

Speed Climbing

Dan Osman Speed Climbing

Big Wall Climbing

Yosemite Climbing Videos

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User Submitted Rock Climbing Videos

A Portrait of Fred Nicole Not rated yet
Swiss climber Fred Nicole has been bouldering at the leading edge of pure difficulty for over 25 years, continuing to redefine human possibility. His prolific …

Paul Robinson: Inside The Climbers Guild Not rated yet
Paul Robinson started climbing at the age of 10. In the last decade, he has bouldered V15, and sent literally hundreds of problems in the V14 to V11 range….

Free Solo in “Schmalzkönigs Albtraum” (7a+, U.S.: 5.12b) Not rated yet
This Video shows the Free Solo-ascent of “Schmalzkönigs Albtraum”, wich is a technically demanding route where you don’t need much strength and have enough …

Free Solo in “Avalon” (7c, U.S.: 5.12d) Not rated yet
The video shows three Free Solo ascents of the route “Avalon” (French 7c, German: 9) located in a small spot in the Odenwald in Germany. The quality is …

Climbing Temple Crag Not rated yet
Here’s a short video of our 2 day climb of Temple Crag in the eastern sierras. Amazing place… tiny bivy… incredible trip… enjoy!

echa in samigaluh Not rated yet

Petrohradske PADani 2007 – Open Air Bouldering Contest Not rated yet
Petrohradske PADani 2007 – English subtitles from Ondøej Smrž on Vimeo .

A documentary about 5th anniversary of the bouldering competition

Chuck Fryberger on SDS to Get Over It Not rated yet
Rock Climbing Video of Chuck Fryberger sticking the sit down start to Get Over It…. barely.

Pure – A Bouldering Flick by Chuck Fryberger Not rated yet
From the producer of Dosage V – Alpine Blocs comes a 35mm bouldering flick about bouldering on planet Earth: PURE.

Pure is about 19 extraordinary climbers …