Speed Climbing

Speed Climbing an Art Form

Speed climbing has become an exciting event in rock climbing. This is form of climbing is essentially a race between climbers to see who can get to the top the fastest.

Climbers must be quick and smart in developing their routes and in planning their next moves. Some of the most exciting climbing of this kind has been performed by Dan Osman.

Watch Dan Osman climb here

The climbs are not necessarily always done in a competition format, but by climbing to beat previous time records that exist at a certain location.

For example, Hans Florine climbed “The Nose” twice in seventy hours on two different days. This is an incredible feat and the climbs were his fifty-ninth and sixtieth ascents.

Many times climbers will find themselves competing against their own minds and bodies to make a climb that they have climbed several times in the past to beat their own personal records.

Other speed events challenge climbers to climb against the clock. These events are usually held at one location and climbers must climb in different heats against other climbers.

These events typically have a large number of rock climbing teams to compete against themselves and each other.

Check out this video from a speed climbing competition.

The best technique in this form of climbing is to be able to climb efficiently. The more efficient you are able to climb, the quicker you will be able to get through the route.

Speed climbers also know how to use their legs a lot, try to carry less gear and they train hard.

Strength training and the ability to see routes allow speed climbers to excel and compete in the sport.

Free-climbing was the true beginnings of speed climbing. It wasn’t until the 1900’s that climber began incorporating ropes, carabineers and other tools. However, most of this climbing is done on top rope.

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