The Spot Gym

The Spot Gym – Boulder, CO Climbing Gym

The Spot Gym is Boulder’s newest climbing gym, and the best in the country dedicated to bouldering. And because of its dedication to bouldering you can always see the ABS Nationals at the Spot rock gym.

Enjoy amazing freestanding boulders up to 18 feet high, with Hueco, Fontainebleau, and Yosemite textures and forms. The 10,000+ ft/sq facility also features a 25-foot tall roped wall, exercise and training equipment, air filtration/conditioning, and the cushiest high tech flooring to be found anywhere!

Complete guide and instructional services are available. Also, make sure you take advantage of their training and animal strength stuff.

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Address:3240 Prairie Boulder, Colorado

Phone: (303) 379-8806

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