Top 10 Things to Bring on Your Climbing Trip

Top 10 Things to Bring on your Climbing and Camping Trip

by Rock Climbing For Life

I decided to create this little list because I have been on too many trips where people have forgotten some very essential things.

  1. A Tent
  2. Sleeping Bag (make sure that it is warm enough I have seen people be very cold in a 40+ degree sleeping bag in 20 degree weather)
  3. Sleeping Pad (Essential for less than flat terrain and will keep you a lot warmer and much more comfortable)
  4. Headlamp
  5. Climbing Gear (This should be the first thing that you double check before you leave for your trip)
  6. Water or Water treatment (Be sure that you make sure beforehand if the water is drinkable or if you need to bring water treatment)
  7. Food and Stove (You need to bring food that will nourish your body candy and chips won’t cut it)
  8. Warm clothes (Check the weather and always prepare for the worst, keep in mind layering)
  9. First Aid Kit (You never know when you are going to need this baby, it should never leave your pack)
  10. Topos/Guidebooks (Should go without saying but be sure to be approriate guidebooks or topos of the climbing area)

These in my opinion are the top 10 things that you need for your climbing trip. Some additional things that are very helpful are extra socks, approach shoes, a towel if there are showers or river, toiletries, knife, crazy creek or chair, paper towels, a change of clean clothes for the ride home, finger nail clippers, credit card for emergencies, and some good friends to have a great time.

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