University of Arkansas Outdoor Center

The University of Arkansas Outdoor Center climbing wall is located in gymnasium 1 of the HPER building (Second Floor). The actual climbing wall is constructed with red rock climbing panels, which is pretty cool because it gives you that outside look and feel.

Their climbing wall consists of a chimney, roof overhang, 13 belays stations and routes for both beginners and more advanced climbers.

ImportantOnly individuals with a valid UA student I.D., HPER members, or vaild guest pass may use the Climbing Wall at no cost and must show valid I.D. prior to each use.

In order to climb you must successfully complete the orientation clinic.

Climbing Equipment

All climbing equipment can be check out there or you can use your own stuff.

University of Arkansas Outdoor Center Rules (from their website)

-The Climbing Wall may be used only when Climbing Wall Staff is present.

-Climbing Wall participants must successfully complete an orientation or skills check and sign a waiver of release each year before utilizing the Climbing Wall.

-The IMRS staff reserves the right to ask participants to leave the facility at any time for unsafe or inappropriate behavior.

-Participants are required to properly use the ropes, carabiners and belay devices provided by the IMRS department.

-Participants must use proper safety equipment when utilizing the climbing wall: Harnesses, shoes, and helmets are available for use at the wall. The Climbing Wall Staff must approve participants’ personal harnesses, shoes or helmets.

-For bouldering, a spotter is required at all times. When bouldering, the participant’s hands cannot exceed the black line.

-Climbers must provide a belayer. Back up belayers are required until further authorization by the Climbing Wall Staff.

-Climber and Belayer harnesses must be doubled-backed at the waist and leg loop buckles.

-A belay device must be attached to the belayer’s harness by a locking carabiner (participants may not use their own belay devices).

-Participants must check the climber’s knot, harness and belay system prior to each climb.

-Proper climbing and belaying commands must be used at all times.

-For safety reasons, the wearing of jewelry is discouraged and hair should be pulled back.

-Loose chalk is not permitted on the wall; participants must have chalk balls in a chalk bag.

-Instruction is to be given by the Climbing Wall Staff only. Instruction is for indoor climbing use only and should not be substituted for outdoor climbing.

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Here is all of the contact information for the University of Arkansas Outdoor Center for you.

Phone: (479) 575-CAMP

Website: Outdoor Center Website

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