using tape for injuries…

I have been using tape on up to 3 fingers; above and below knuckle. also on wrists sometimes.  I do so because it seems to help with mild injury or weakness from overuse.

-does it actually give additional crimp support and is it a good idea to use tape all the time like i seem to be?



Using tape should only be a temporary solution.  If you are constantly having to tape your fingers because your joints/tendons hurt you need to rest more.  Remember that rock climbing is very tough on your fingers and the tendons/pulley’s.

For your particular situation it is hard to tell for sure, but I would definitely recommend taking some time off.  Also, I would try to climb more in the open hand position than the full on crimp.  This will help decrease the chance of injury and should help build tendon strength.

Hope that helps.

-The Climbing Expert

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