Warming Up

Warming up before you climb is one of the most important but neglected things by climbers, especially beginner climbers.

How should you warm up?

It’s best to start with something that will get your blood moving and heart rate up.

Here is the warm up routine I use.

Start with 50 jumping jacks to get the blood moving.

Another great way to get your blood moving is by doing some light and easy bouldering. Check out this photo of Dustin as he loosens up at Rocktown.

dustin craney, bouldering

Do 5-10 minutes of the Sun Salutation to increase your heart rate. Make sure to start slow and after a few full sequences increase your pace.

Ok now that you’ve got your blood moving and heart rate up let’s stretch.

Some basic stretches to do before each of your sessions.

(Proper stretching provides a warm-up and can prevent injury)

1. Stretch your neck forward and to both sides. Do this slowly and hold each position for at least 15 seconds.

2. Loosen up your fingers by grasping the finger at the first joint and .

3. 10 shoulder shrugs in one direction and 10 in the other.

4. Rotate your wrist clockwise 10 times and then counterclockwise.

5. Rotate your hips in both directions. (making small to medium sized circles)

6. Butterflies

7. Splits

8. High steps

9. Forearm stretches (front and back of forearms)

10. Tricep stretch

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