Yosemite Climbing Videos

Yosemite is one of the world’s best climbing areas. I hope that these Yosemite climbing videos will help to show you why.

This is what Yosemite big wall climbing is all about. This is by far my favorite video clip that I have seen of Yosemite. This climb is really beautiful and watching Alex Huber climb is just plain amazing. It is as if he climbs without any effort. If you are looking for fantastic climbing, great filming, beautiful scenery this video is for you. Warning: this video will make you want to climb big wall. The week I saw this video I did my first multi-pitch climb.

Dean Potter is an amazing climber and is known for his soloing as well. This is a video of Dean soloing the Nose of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley. Talk about crazy!

In June of 2006, before his free solo of Heaven, Dean Potter free soloed Ray Jardine’s 1977 Yosemite route Dog’s Roof (5.12b). When asked about this climb, Dean recalled his late friend Jose who he used to climb finger cracks with, “Somehow soloing Dog’s Roof brought me closer to Jose. We had the same size paws [Jose and I]. He always thought I’d enjoy Dog’s Roof. I could hear his sarcastic laugh and brutal honesty while I trained on it.”

Besides rekindling the memory of his friend, Dean felt an attraction to the route. “I was drawn to solo it and could barely slow myself down, resisting the temptation to solo it before I was ready. This solo scared me because near the top it has a finger lock where sometimes my fingers would just pop out.”

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