First Ascent


Dimond Rio Jr.

This was an awesome line in the Big Thompson Canyon, This is Scott Matz on the First ascent (onsight)after he…

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High and Dry

by Guillaume Raymond (Montreal,Quebec,Canada) This is actually one of my very first ascent. It takes the sit down start of…

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Daniel Woods Sends Jade V15 in RMNP

by Kelli M (Chicago) Here is a video of Daniel Woods climbing Jade V15 in Rocky Mountain National Park this…

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Jason Kehl

Jason Kehl Bouldering Maniac Jason Kehl is one of the pro climbing circuits most interesting and well- known climbers. He…

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Hueco Tanks Climbing Videos

Hueco Tanks Climbing Videos – Bouldering Videos Welcome to the Hueco Tanks climbing videos section. If you have any footage…

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First Ascent DVD

First Ascent DVD by Sender Films an Unbiased Review The First Ascent DVD by Sender Films and director-producer Peter Mortimer,…

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dosage 4

Dosage 4

Dosage 4 An Unbiased Review Dosage 4 is the latest volume in Josh Lowell’s Dosage series. Big UP’s Dosage series…

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Dave Graham

Dave Graham Climbing Videos Dave Graham is an elite climber with an interesting story. Graham grew up in the northeast…

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Daniel Woods

Climbing with Daniel Woods Daniel Woods is one of top climbers in the world. He has been on a bouldering…

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