Free Solo

Free Solo in Schmalzknigs Albtraum 7a

by Urs Schmincke (Mainz, Germany) This Video shows the Free Solo-ascent of “Schmalzkönigs Albtraum”, wich is a technically demanding route…

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Free Solo in Avalon 7c

by Urs Schmincke (Mainz, Germany) The video shows three Free Solo ascents of the route “Avalon” (French 7c, German: 9)…

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Alain Robert Free Soloing

Free Solo Climbing

Free solo climbing a.k.a. free soloing is the most pure form of climbing, it is considered the most dangerous and…

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Free Climbing Nightmare

Check out this rock climbing video of a free solo send of Path Of Excess Power 8a+ trad. Pretty sick…

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