Rock Climbing


Arkansas has Climbing?

Luper Sick!!! This is a favorite of the local rock climbing spots in northwest Arkansas, This cave is the Ice…

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Climbing in Red Rock Silhouette

Climbing during the red rock climbing festival.

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Corey Free Climbing the Cave

My husband, Corey, and I frequent exit 38 in WA. We were just scoping out new places around there to…

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Beating the Shade in J-tree

Beating the shade… It was late in the day and I decided to jump on a 5.10d slab in Joshua…

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Costa Mesa Rockreation

Costa Mesa Rockcreation – Indoor Rock Climbing Costa Mesa Rockreation is the premier climbing gym in Costa Mesa, California. This…

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G.I joe does Barbie 5.9+ sketchy

5.9+ in Northern colorado Combat Rock This climb is up the Big Thompson Canyon, at combat rock, don’t know where…

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Jennifer Chang Climbing the Dinosaur Rock

This is a rock climbing photo of Jennifer Chang climbing a dinosaur rock.It’s an awesome scene and very interesting to…

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Rock Climbing Trip

Some intense rock climbing at Suicide Rock!!

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Jerry Moffatt Mental Training

Mental Training by Jerry Moffatt This Jerry Moffatt mental training video is about the most important aspect of a climber…

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Instructional Rock Climbing DVDs

by Jane (UK) Could you tell me if there are any good instructional rock climbing dvd’s for beginners?? A friend…

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